Regulatory change

Understanding the challenges and the impact of the latest regulations is a must for all digital and financial businesses.

In the last decade the regulatory landscape has been evolving at a rapid pace. Regardless of the driver, numerous regulations have obliged business to reassess its structure, to reshape its processes and often to adopt a new target operating model ( TOM).

The interpretation and the impact analysis of new regulations require a wide combination of industry and legal knowledge. Over the last three years, our consultants, have successfully delivered a number of complex regulatory projects for major financial institutions.

Here are some examples of the regulatory projects we’ve successfully delivered:

  • MiFID II best execution for a major London based Asset manager.
  • MiFID II transaction reporting for a international London based Wealth manager
  • GDPR for a London based Commercial bank
  • PRIIPS for a major London based Asset manager.
  • Brexit for a major London based Asset manager